The community health center

What is the community health centre “Wijkgezondheidscentrum Vierkappes”?

The community health centre Vierkappes is an interdisciplinary centre. You will find :

  • 4 doctors (general practitioners)
  • 2 physiotherapists
  • 2 nurses
  • A social worker/psychotherapist
  • A perinatal coach

All health care providers in this interdisciplinary team endorse the same care vison (both medical and preventive care) and share your medical file.

The community health centre uses the ‘capitation system’ or ‘flat rate system’. This means that a contract is signed between yourself, the community health centre Vierkappes and your health insurer. The community health centre receives a fixed monthly amount (the flat rate) from your health insurer. This system enables us to take care of your health together.  Subsequently, you do not have to pay for your consults at the community health centre.


Are there any conditions to subscribe?

There are only 2 conditions to subscribe in the community health centre Vierkappes:

1. You are a resident in Tienen (postal code 3300)

2. You are properly affiliated with a health insurer


How to subscribe?

If you wish to subscribe, you either call us or you just drop by at the reception desk to make an appointment.

Make sur to bring your ID-card as well as 4 stickers from your health insurer to this appointment. We will provide you with all the information you need on your subscription, and fill out the appropriate documents together.

We will also explain what you need to do when you need to see a doctor urgently when Vierkappes is closed or when you are not in Tienen.


What are the consequences of subscribing in a community health centre?

Subscribing means you commit yourself to coming to the community health centre each time you need a general practitioner, a physiotherapist or a nurse (including home nursing). You will not have to pay for these consults.

We work exclusively by appointment. Call  016 78 17 40



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